NY Collection 6-Pack


Six iconic New York Ice Cream flavors, imagined right here in NYC.

New York is nothing if not a food town, and possibly less if not an Italian food town.  There’s a lot of ground to cover when developing this genre into ice cream, but we ended up making a collection near and dear to us with our friends and family that have worked straight through this pandemic - day in, day out - to feed their families and communities.  We hope you enjoy these unique creations.  They won’t last long!   

Included in NY Pint Collection

Regina's Grocery SPUMONI

Dynamic mother and son duo Regina and Roman of the cult Lower East Side sandwich shop offer a riff on the spumoni of Roman’s youth made with more vanilla, more pistachio and more chocolate.  


Inspired by the sundae crafted for nomad pizzaiolo Anthony Mangieri and his family, the pint features a ricotta ice cream base with candied citrus (lemon, orange and grapefruit) peels, black walnut crisps and toasted black walnuts. 


Chef (and bread savant) Adam Leonti and Paul Shaked’s Little Italy newcomer features focaccia that develops flavor over a long fermentation process before it is charred to a crisp and drowned in Adam’s signature three-tomato pomodoro sauce. The pint features the focaccia pomodoro blended into an ice cream base and swirled with Morgenstern’s signature strawberry pomodoro jam.  I

Hearth Restaurant

restaurateur Marco Canora, who has helmed neighborhood anchor Hearth for nearly 20 years, couldn’t contain himself to just one flavor.


Inspired by Marco’s daily morning routine of dipping a thick slice of crusty buttered sourdough toast into his black coffee. The ice cream interpretation features toasted, buttered slices of sourdough blended into dark coffee ice cream and finished with a generous helping of toasted bread crumbs. 


combines three of Marco’s favorite things: banana bread, salty caramel and walnuts.

L'industrie Pizzeria PIZZA PIZZA ice cream sandwich

Paying homage to the re imagined New York slice by Massimo Laveglia, Morgenstern’s adds crispy crumbs of L’industrie tomato pizza (no cheese) to the cookie base, which sandwiches stracciatella cheese ice cream and a dollop of tomato-black apricot jam for the perfect handheld treat. 

We ship our ice creams inside an insulated frozen shipping box, packed with dry ice to ensure your purchase arrives in perfect scoopable condition.


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