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UNA Collection

Some of our favorite characters from the Rick and Morty Multiverse come to life in their own ice cream. Morgenstern’s has created 4 flavors which highlight interesting and unique elements of the story of Rick and Morty. These flavors highlight 4 different characters from the Rick and Morty Multiverst: Rick, Morty, Summer and Mr. Poopy Butthole. There is no pickle flavored ice cream, however these flavors are out of this world, and something you have never tasted before.


Available in September to ship to the lower 48 States as a four pack. These special flavors will be available in store at Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream 88 West Houston Street NYC 10012, as well as delivered online anywhere in the Lower 48 United States at Get yours ASAP, as they are sure to go fast! In store Pints $10 each 4 pack including freezer bag shipped anywhere in the lower 48 States $99