Raw Milk

The original genesis of our ice cream style. No eggs, just milk, cream, sugar, and salt. This combination highlights the flavor of our high-quality dairy. The name does not refer to unpasteurized milk (a common question), but rather from the clean, pure representation of the flavor of milk without any additional flavors. A perfect foil to any of our robust flavors (black currant sorbet, strawberry pistachio pesto, salted chocolate). Also immortalized in our infamous New God Flow Sundae.

Pickup Hours


Please order 1 hour in advance of pick-up time


88 Houston Street New York, NY 10012

Any orders placed with less than a 1 hour window will not be ready and may cause further delays. Ice cream should be picked-up 24 hours in advance of serving so it can come to the perfect scoop-able temperature in your home freezer. All pricing includes NY sales tax.