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Ice Cream

Ice Cream

This flavor is like a chocolate oat cookie, smooth toasted oat ice cream with chocolate chunks ...

Vegan Coconut cream and 32 shots of espresso.

Our bitter dark chocolate blended with raspberry puree.

Mellow and sweet.
Suggested Ice Cream: Bourbon Vanilla, Raw Milk, Butter Pecan

Dark chocolate blended with coconut, almond, and hemp milks. 

Is this an old man’s flavor? We DON’T think so. Made with raisins soaked in Uncle Boons— Rum st...

The king of fruit is blended with fresh banana.

Fresh strawberry balanced with tropica guava.

Rich house made macadamia butter is added to passion fruit.

Yes, we have French Fry ice cream. It’s made with french fries.
Chocolate and Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Chocolate Crust, Whipped Cream Top

Rich egg custard with Madagascar Vanilla beans.

Sweet unctions mango sorbet with chili salt dusted on top.
A Frozen American Classic - Lemon Curd ice cream in a graham cracker crust, with toasted meringue...
Suggested Ice Cream: Bourbon Vanilla, Chocolate Oat, Butter Pecan.

Caramel corn is blended into this ice cream with more caramel ribbon.
Made with granny smith apples, and a pork lard crust (not kosher)
Suggested Ice Cream: Bourbon Va...

Brown sugar and butter cooked to Butterscotch perfection.

Vegan, no sugar, no dairy. Who knew? Light and icy and refreshing. Who knew? You guys knew.


A tribute to American Egg custard ice creams.  One of the only flavors on our list with egg in i...

The quest for Black Ice Cream started here. After searching high and low for the ultimate Black ...

Milky coffee blended with almond “gianduja” chocolate.
Burnt Sage Ice cream, Chocolate Dip, Chocolate Crust