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Ice Cream

Ice Cream
Before there was a matcha, there was green tea pistachio. Smooth clean and crisp green tea ice cr...

Smooth and rich pistachio ice cream with house-made black currant jelly added in.

Grandpa Morgenstern’s favorite. A classic American ice cream flavor. Pecan pieces are toasted a...

Mascarpone cheese ice cream with salted fried hazelnuts added in.
Cacio Pepe anyone? No, just Salt and pepper ice cream with salt & pepper toasted pine nuts sc...

Rich house made macadamia butter is added to passion fruit.
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Peanut butter ice cream with home made peanut honeycomb.

Smooth hazelnut praline ice cream with a touch of rum.
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Sweet coconut ice cream with the almond chocolate dip.
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Cashews and tonka beans.